5 specialties to taste absolutely in Sciacca:

Pasta and Appetizers 

A trip to Sicily would be worth only half as if there were not our superb dishes: when you walk on the road and feel the flavors that come from bakeries, restaurants, takeaways and from the houses, they invite you to taste everything and no way to cure yourself of the diet! Have you ever tasted the specialties of Sciacca? There are many dishes that you have to try absolutely! Here my top 5 list of my favorite dishes:

Pasta con Le Sarde

This dish is typical a bit throughout Sicily, but here in Sciacca we have our own special variant that will make you love even more. There are several methods for the preparation of this dish, one is the manner of Palermo and one “Milanisa”, very similar to our version. You might wonder, why is there a Milan version? Because of the Lombardy: silk craftsmen came to teach their art and liked the version with tomato. Ours is similar, but more liquid.

Tasting this pasta you can taste the fennel, onion, anchovies, fantastic freshly caught sardines, tomatoes, raisins, pine nuts, olive oil and bread crumbs. I don’t know about you, but I’m already mouth watering thinking about this dish!

Pasta con le Sarde

Pasta con le Sarde

A nice place where you can taste this plate is a small restaurant located in the heart of Sciacca, is named after the homonymous alley, which is located: Osteria Cappellino.

Traditional and Innovative Arancine
Come to Sciacca and not taste it is a pity! Also because you really have for all tastes: the most traditional to the most innovative variants. Any examples? I really love the traditional one with the meat, but you can also find with the ham, or with spinach. Among the innovative you can find a little like salmon or sausage, but I think the better ones are the ones with the eggplant, with the flavor of the sun enclosed inside.
arancine pistacchio

Arancine al pistacchio

In Sciacca, in my opinion, the most delicious of all are those prepared by the Conte Luna pizzeria, that is located in the ancient quartier of Sciacca. If you want to live the center of town you can choose between  La Grotta or Lo Steripinto. Here, whatever your preference, your taste buds will certainly be satisfied!

How good panelle? These fries prepared with chickpea flour result from all over the Mediterranean, almost certainly, and particularly in the fertile crescent and the Middle East. This food was very popular, so much so that they are also the variants in other regions of Italy, such as Liguria (named Panissa).
It is one of the most common street food in Palermo along with the sandwich with the spleen, it is something that you must try. Panella is served in the mafalde, sandwiches covered with sesame seeds, and they are usually seasoned with salt and lemon. The flavor of the chickpeas, mixed with lemon is sublime. Say it, I made you hungry!


In Sciacca you find them in every restaurant or pizzeria as an appetizer, but if you want to eat it properly, you have only one choice: La Focaccia in Saverio Friscia Square, obviously in Sciacca!

Dentice al Sale

Sciacca is sea! In fact our fleet is the second largest in Sicily. Our fish has always been known to be fresh, tasty and taste better than other places, thanks to our beautiful Mediterranean Sea. One of the most delicious and popular fish dishes is undoubtedly the Dentice al Sale.

There are two options for you: you can go to the harbor and buy a nice fresh a good snapper of about a kilo and then I’ll explain you the recipe for good, so that you can prepare yourself here at BfB Residence San Marco, or choose one of our fish restaurants harbor area. I recommend youyou Porto San Paolo without any doubts!


Dentice al Sale

Dentice al Sale

Taste it, feel the soft flesh melt in the mouth, for a triumph of salt, lemon and sea!

Pasta con i Ricci
Like or dislike. I like it! Pasta with sea urchins is a must in our country. Except for a small period of the year, you can find it in the local restaurants and try it. The taste is very particular, typical of pasta with rock fish, strong but not excessive. If you’ve never tasted, absolutely you must do it. Where to find a good pasta with Sea Urchins in Sciacca?

Pasta con i Ricci

I really love how Ristorante Italia – da Nino cooks this dish, of course near the port area!

With this I finished my little roundup of specialties to taste absolutely in Sciacca. Next time, just to even increase your peckish, I’ll talk you about typical desserts, which I decided to dedicate a separate article seen how many they are and their renowned goodness.
What else to say except: come to Sciacca, I’m going to eat and I’m waiting you!

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