Olives of BfB Residence San Marco

Goldness into the kitchen: the Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: goldness into the kitchen Olive harvest & Oil production Olive oil is produced from olives and it is a precious and fundamental ingredient for the Mediterranean diet. For those who want to drizzle it over their dishes, olive oil makes … Read More

Living with sun and sea breeze – the Port of Sciacca

Port of Sciacca Life between sun and sea breeze After 5 places absolutely to see, I’m here to talk you, as I promised, about an other wonderful place that my town hides in itself: the port of Sciacca. I think … Read More

BfB San Marco

Guest Review Award 2017 – Home away from home

Home away from home Life is a journey and traveling lives twice I started to join the BfB San Marco staff a little over a year and during this time I lived an experience nothing short of wonderful. I met a lot … Read More

Tomatoes, basil & mozzarella

Sicily’s Simplicity..into the kitchen!

Sicily’s Simplicity into the kitchen “Pane Cunzato” Everyone needs fresh food when summer comes, or better, everyone doesn’t want spend many time at the stove! All people know how is great the Sicilian Cuisine and how it gives us delicious products every … Read More

San Marco Beach

Let holiday starts!

Let holiday starts! Summer is coming! We enjoyed a great day on 2nd June: we met new persons that have chosen our structure as destination of holiday. As typical Sicilian people, they booked at the last minute: after all it’s the … Read More

Orange of Residence

Orange Salad – Recipe of May

Scents of May Orange juice May is came bringing with itself the desire to enjoy relax by the pool under the umbrellas. The warm temperature, not yet purely summer, are perfect for a fresh drink as the orange juice! It’s … Read More

Scala dei Turchi

Tour into the Sicilian landscapes

Itinerary into the Sicilian landscapes Traveling to suggestive landscapes of Sicily! Everyone loves Sicily for its warm temperatures, delicious food, its folk traditions and its suggestive landscapes. Who can’t fall in love with a sunset on the sea? It’s easy that, … Read More

Giardino - BfB San Marco

The scents of Spring

Feeling in the air Spring is coming March has already started to be longer with its arms of the flower season and it is already inside every house. The sun is hotter and the sky is more blue. The clouds … Read More

Valley of the Temples

Valle dei Templi – Italian Landscape Award 2017

Valle dei Templi of Agrigento Italian Landscape Award 2017 The day before yesterday (14th March 2017) we received a terrific news: the Ministry of Culture and Tourism presented the Italian Landscape Award 2017 to Valle dei Templi of Agrigento, a wonderful … Read More

Carnevale di Sciacca

The Soul of Sciacca in Fest: the Carnival

Music & Tradition in Square: the Carnival The Carnival of Sciacca The Carnival is without doubt the craziest of all! Everyone love this Festival, kids and adults and Sciacca  – famous town for its traditions – is considereded one of the most important town … Read More

Parmigiana d Melanzane

Eggplants Parmigiana: flavors of Sicily

Eggplants Parmigiana  Second recipe Talking about cooking is not easy. First, because I’m not a cook, second, because I prefer fill my stomach, though, cooking fills the heart of good mood and the hands of wonderful scents (if this is … Read More

Madonna del Soccorso

The Patronal Festival – Over the passion and devotion of faithful

In Sciacca, there are a lot of important events, one of the most famous is the Procession of “Madonna del Soccorso”, Patroness of Sciacca.
The festival is celebrated in the 2nd of February, after the vote done by the barefoot faithful on the previous day, and in August Bank Holiday. … Read More


Would you like cook with us? Here our first recipe: “Pasta ‘ncasciata”

Pasta ‘ncasciata Wirginia Wolf sayed “one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”, and I think she says very well. We are Sicilian and Sicilian people love food and to share some nice moments with a … Read More


Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts The innate Christmas atmosphere beauty fills our hearts; even in a warm place like Sicily, Christmas time is charming. When we are kids these are moments seen with joy, we are hugged in our close and happy family … Read More