Tomatoes, basil & mozzarella

Sicily’s Simplicity into the kitchen

“Pane Cunzato”

Everyone needs fresh food when summer comes, or better, everyone doesn’t want spend many time at the stove! All people know how is great the Sicilian Cuisine and how it gives us delicious products every season! In my opinion the best plate to taste that doesn’t need a special place on the calendar is “Pane Cunzato” (seasoned bread): one of the most one of the traditional meals of Sicilian cuisine!

The goodness of this meal is into the simplicity of ingredients and its processing. Don’t you know what I mean? Let’s surprise by this special and fast delish, widespread throughout Sicily in the past centuries!


Pane casereccio

Homemade Bread for Pane Cunzato


Homemade Bread
Ripe Tomatoes
Anchovy fillets in oil
Tuma (or mozzarella) into slices
Black Olives
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper

Olio & Olive nere

Oil & Balck Olives

Doses are not indicated because, so everyone can set to their own taste! 😉

The bread can be toasted, moistened or leſt as is. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces and place in a bowl, with the capers, chopped black olives, anchovies cut into pieces, slices of cheese, salt, basil and finished with a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Mix well and spread it all over bread slices. Simple and unique!

Here a fresh, fast and, without any doubt, an easy dish to taste! A delicious tradition to share with friends, even as a starter.

Pane Cunzato

Pane Cunzato

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Orto km 0 - BfB San Marco

Orto km 0

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