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Nowadays eating healthy, eating well, has become a priority for daily well-being. Some people turn to their Internet friend to find the best solutions for their person, in particular for the hottest periods, when you go on vacation and you would like to stick to a healthy diet, but with taste. We at BfB Residence San Marco, rather than googling to meet our guests’ requests, we asked to Dr. Nutritionist Biologist Sonia Indelicato Oliva the best way to have a combination of healthy & tasty food.

Piramide alimentare

When we asked her to accompany us and the guests staying at our Residence during their vacation in Sciacca, she answered us with 10 simple commandments:

  1. Vary food, preferring seasonal and local ones;
  2. Prefer the consumption of whole grain foods and whole grain pseudo-cereals (spelled, barley, buckwheat …);
  3. Eat fruit and vegetables daily;
  4. Alternate the second courses during the week, preferring the consumption of fish and legumes;
  5. Limit your intake of saturated fats (butter, salty snacks, cheese …);
  6. Moderate the consumption of sweets and sugar;
  7. Reduce the use of salt in the kitchen;
  8. Drink plenty of water and limit the alcohol to a glass of red wine a day;
  9. Keep body weight in check;
  10. Practice physical activity regularly. It is sufficient to perform a moderate aerobic activity for at least 150 minutes a week.

10.000 STEPS A DAY are the ideal goal, so that a person can be considered active…but we have the swimming-pool  

Piscina del Residence

Ok, the commandments are pretty simple to follow,but when you are on the other side of the world, in a land where the scent of Sicilian cuisine is heard at the landing of the plane, perhaps it is better to turn to those who know the right combination of taste and healthy nutrition.

Starting right here, we thought of a Sicilian Cooking Workshop, with raw materials bío 0 km collected directly from our garden and prepared comfortably at home.

1) day cooking: a culinary experience with nutritional consultation and realization of a typical Sicilian dish together with a chef–> 125 euro;

2) week cooking: 3 culinary experiences with nutritional consultation and realization of three typical Sicilian dishes together with a chef: first, second and sweet –> 225 euro;

3) Two weeks cooking: 6 culinary experiences with nutritional consultation and realization of sixtypical Sicilian dishes together with a chef: 2 first courses, 2 second courses and 2 sweets–> 325 euro;

4) Brad day: preparation of homemade bread in the tradition of the wood oven, using the typical Sicilian grains, described by a chef and whose benefits are described by a nutritionist–> 75 euro.

Vegetables Garden km 0

Vegetables Garden 0 km

The costs are designed for a family group, any personalized interviews with the nutritionist are to be compensated separately.

You can eat well and eat healthy, even on vacation, in the land of sun, sea and good food!

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