Who we are

Our residence is new and young, and it has an interesting story to tell. Not always is being young is negative aspect! In many cases it is synonymous of freshness, innovative ideas, kindness and passion for your work.

The idea for travel and love

The history of the Residence BfB San Marco di Sciacca begins in the first few years of the new millennium, when I, Cristina, and my father, decided to take up on a challenge that had been running through our minds for a long time. We both love to travel and meet people from all over the world, and for this reason we decided that we could continue doing that hosting people, with a continuous growth of cultural exchange, remaining in our beloved land. Travelling without moving and telling the Sicily story, a life-long dream that could be achieved by creating the Residence.

A dream holiday house in Sciacca

We chose to build small holiday houses because they allow you to live your everyday life freely, in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature. A sort of small oasis to recharge your batteries thanks to the Sicilian sun. We were sure that our villas would become a perfect opportunity to exchange and to know the different customs and traditions of our guests, with the certainty that whoever would arrive as a guest would go back home as a friend!

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A dream’s come true

The idea of creating a new holiday venue here in Sciacca first started out as a daydream. So what characteristics must this dream of ours have? Well, first of all it would be beautiful, organized and functional. And of course it would have the hospitality and the warmth of our Mediterranean nature. The ideas of what the BfB Residence San Marco would be took form, and they were transferred from our minds onto paper.
The villas of the BfB San Marco, in every little detail, have been designed by me and my Engineering team, in what was once an orchard owned by my grandfather, and which, over the years had become one of the most beloved seaside neighborhoods in Sciacca.

The name BfB what does it mean?

BfB is a short name with a long history. When something new is born, deciding the name is the most difficult part because all parts have to agree. My idea was to create something starting with the letter B. B as Buscarnera, my family name. B as Beauty, B as Buon Voyage (in Italian is “Buon Viaggio”) and Welcome (“Benvenuti”) to Sciacca. The B was definitely right for us. Initially I thought about naming the residence “Butterfly”, but my father wasn’t convinced.

I then came up with an acronym, “BfB”, that together with a butterfly themed logo, free and colorful, became our company name. I loved it! BfB; Buscarnera Family Business would become our quality mark, a name that would acknowledge our Residence in the future; for its superior level of hospitality, kindness and attention to detail. This is how our name, BfB was born.

A dream come true: the opening of the Residence BfB San Marco Sciacca

After years of projecting and developing an idea that was written on a piece of paper, finally our dream had come true: our Residence BfB San Marco was inaugurated on August 9th, 2014, and open for business the following month, in September 2014. To finally be able to welcome the first guests was a huge emotion, unique and difficult to explain. The instant feedback has allowed us to improve ourselves, month by month, collecting a number of ideas to be realized step by step, in order to become what we dream of being: the best holiday Houses in Sciacca.

A dream holiday villa in Sciacca

New ideas are always popping into our heads, and we plan to add services to our offers. Stay tuned in our blog and services section, it is constantly updated with our latest news

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