Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts The innate Christmas atmosphere beauty fills our hearts; even in a warm place like Sicily, Christmas time is charming. When we are kids these are moments seen with joy, we are hugged in our close and happy family … Read More

Testa di Moro

“Testa di Moro”: A Legend to Discover!

Legend of “Testa di Moro” It was the first time that I visited Sicily and I visited a little town named Sciacca, almost by chance. If I could go back, I would choose this place as first stage! Walking into … Read More



#enjoySciacca #enjoySciacca is a social media project realised by BfB Residence San Marco, a little treasure of a splendid town: Sciacca! I’m Rahma and I started to work  in this wonderful place with the BfB team from April. This summer was … Read More

Arancino o Arancina

Is it said “arancino” or “arancina”? Here is our opinion!

“Arancino” or “Arancina”? There is a debate that rages whenever we speak of typical Sicilian food, sometimes stumble into parochialism of one or another part of Sicily. The culprit in question is: is it said “arancino” or “arancina”? Starting from … Read More