fall in love with Sicily


Sciacca is much more than you can imagine, come and visit us: we are sure that you’ll love it!

Staying in our Residence BfB San Marco you will have the possibility to explore the city and its beauty from a perfect starting point. Experience the popular village feasts and all the events that make city center come to life, discovering the myths and legends that surround this town situated on the Mediterranean shores.

Starting from the Contrada San Marco, where we are, immersed in the sweet hills and olive groves, you’re very close from this irresistible Caribbean blue colored sea. From BfB Residence San Marco it’s easy to reach the center town and go down to the beach. We recommend that you leave your car for your everyday routines, you can take one of our bikes! We are in a popular tourist area, especially in the summer, within walking distance of pizza places and restaurants, where you can taste the best of Sicilian cuisine and fresh seafood while listening to the sound of the sea.

When you walk down the street you will feel the delicious scent of “arancine”, and passing by a pastry shop you will not be able to resist the unmistakable taste and the soft texture of the curd in our famous “cannoli”. Adjacent to our residence is a Bar / Deli / Minimarket Sciacca Fruit, which will provide you with the everyday essentials. On the beach you’ll find our famous kiosks, ready to give a truly unique service, one of its kind. In Sciacca you have so many options to enjoy the sea: relax yourself while looking at the never ending, clear blue sea, with your feet comfortably resting on the warm sand.