Parmigiana d Melanzane

Eggplants Parmigiana 

Second recipe

Talking about cooking is not easy. First, because I’m not a cook, second, because I prefer fill my stomach, though, cooking fills the heart of good mood and the hands of wonderful scents (if this is not just onions). I love discover new flavors. I really appreciate the news into the cuisine and I really love sharing the sensory exaltation of good food with food lovers like me, because the food is, undoubtedly, the best pleasure of life! Have you ever tasted the eggplants parmigiana?


Parmigiana di Melanzane

Eggplants Parmigiana

Cooking is easier than you can imagine. In the section Enjoy SciaccaRecipes, the staff of BfB Residence San Marco talked about a first Sicilian recipe: pasta ‘ncasciata, a first plate to taste absolutely!

Today, instead, we would like to show you how to create a true essence of genuine products, with simple ingredients, that produce a real symphony of scents and flavors to share at the table: the Eggplants Parmigiana, a famous plate that, in Sicily, is traditionally prepared in summer.



Eggplants  9
Peanut oil
Fresh tomato 1 kg
Onion 1
Caciocavallo cheese & pecorino cheese semiseasoned




Clean and dry the eggplants, cut into slices vertically, not too thin and fry them in hot oil. Let them dry on paper towels and sprinkle with a little salt.
Fry the finely chopped onion, then add the tomato sauce, previously prepared. Add some basil leaves, salt, pepper and sugar. Cook until you get a fairly thick sauce. In a rectangular baking dish, lay a layer of fried eggplants, cover with the sauce, sprinkle the grated cheese and finish with a few leaves of basil.

Proceed as well until you finish the ingredients, remembering that the final layer should be a layer of fried eggplants covered with sauce, grated cheese and finally basil.


Pamigiana di Melanzane

Eggplants Parmigiana


Well, what to say? I’m already imagining this delicious plate in my head!

Try to create this culinary delicacy you too: the scent will seduce and flavor will send you into ecstasies!

BfB Residence San Marco Team

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