Olives of BfB Residence San Marco

Goldness into the kitchen: the Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: goldness into the kitchen Olive harvest & Oil production Olive oil is produced from olives and it is a precious and fundamental ingredient for the Mediterranean diet. For those who want to drizzle it over their dishes, olive oil makes … Read More

Living with sun and sea breeze – the Port of Sciacca

Port of Sciacca Life between sun and sea breeze After 5 places absolutely to see, I’m here to talk you, as I promised, about an other wonderful place that my town hides in itself: the port of Sciacca. I think … Read More

BfB San Marco

Guest Review Award 2017 – Home away from home

Home away from home Life is a journey and traveling lives twice I started to join the BfB San Marco staff a little over a year and during this time I lived an experience nothing short of wonderful. I met a lot … Read More


Traditional dishes and where to eat them

5 specialties to taste absolutely in Sciacca: Pasta and Appetizers  A trip to Sicily would be worth only half as if there were not our superb dishes: when you walk on the road and feel the flavors that come from … Read More